Sunday, January 11, 2009

The ocean...

Today my sisters and I went with my Dad to San Diego. Kaitlin went home to college so we decided to make a fun day of it. We went surfing around 3-ish and stayed till about 5:3o to see the beautiful sunset and the green flash that goes off when the sun settles down. The waves were small and hardly exsitant, but we had fun nonetheless. We also played soccer to warm up. The water was super freezing! Extremely undescribingly cold! Anyways, after the beach we picked Kaitlin back up from her dorm and got the most delish pizza at our favorite itialian resturant, Flippes. For dessert we headed over to PB and got ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop. Let's just say my tastebuds were very happy and I'm still stuffed! All in all we had a very nice day and I was again reminded how I really love San Diego.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My bike.

So one day, about a week ago, Rachel, Angelica and I went to the thrift store. I was walking around browsing and wondered past some shoes. As I continued, I suddenly saw it...the bike. MY bike. You see, I had been searching for a bike for some time now. Not just any bike. A beach cruiser. This little humble bike happend to be one of my favorite colors.. turquoise. And get this: it had a little a basket in the front! How convenient, right? Besides it's back tire flat, a missing screw, and a few microscopic chips in the paint, this bike was great! I bartered with the store worker and got my bike for $30. Knicked 5 bucks off the original price haha. Anyways, awesome deal. So my sisters and I shoved the bike in the back seat of the car, my Dad put a new tube put in the back tire, screwed my basket on better, and here I am, loving my baby bike. Ride it alot! Even with Sherlock, although I don't know how much he likes it. Rachel and I took a few trips on our bikes today, getting some dinner at Carl's JR and cappinchino's at the Chevron station. I like bikes: no gas milage, guarentees a great exercise, and is, obvisously, fun!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hello world...

I don't know what to talk about so I am going to talk about the weather.
Why is it sooo hot on the weekdays yet sooo cold on the weekends?
I don't know if it is just me, but there is a pattern....
ok, that's lame....Can someone give me something to write about?
SOMEONE(S), keeps telling me to post but I am soo boring that you'd probably just leave my blog in utter disgust that I'm soooo booring!

*ideas for blog posts apprectiated...

Monday, September 8, 2008

My first post.... I got my hair cut.

Here I am before my hair cut. Hard times... Here I am in the process... almost there! And.....walaaa!!!! Dosen't look too different huh? Ah wells, I like it!